Bergen – Norway’s second biggest city

sunset over Bergen

Tired of the same old beach vacation year after year? With its deep blue fjords, Viking heritage and thriving craft traditions, Bergen offers a scenic introduction to the beautiful country of Norway. Bergen’s history stretches back to 1070 AD, when Olav Kyrre granted municipal status to what was then known as Bjørgvin (or “hill pasture”). The settlement subsequently became a royal residence, and by 1240 it had become the capital of Norway. Until the 1830s, it was Norway’s biggest city. Bryggen, one of Bergen’s most interesting neighbourhoods, grew up as a result of the city’s status as an international trading […]

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Las Vegas Strip is The Heart of Las Vegas


     Las Vegas Strip is the heart of the world’s most renowned city – Las Vegas. Well, just like there is Wall Street in New York and the famous Los Angeles Rodeo Drive, Las Vegas has its own attraction known as the Strip. Every city in the world is known for its specialities or unique features without which remembering that city may just become a little bit difficult. The Strip is the core of Las Vegas and without visiting it, your trip is mere incomplete. Known as the Las Vegas Boulevard South, it is one of the most thrilling places  […]

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Magical island of Maui


For people who do not like to be deprived of the conveniences of big cities, but also appreciate the solitude of nature, Maui is the perfect place for their vacation. Called also the “Magic Island” and “Valley Isle”, Maui indulges visitors with its magnificent resorts, numerous opportunities for mountain trips and unique Hawaiian cuisine. The unofficial motto of the island is “Maui no ka oi”, which literally means “Maui is the best”. Maui is the second largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago. It covers an area of 1883.5 square kilometers, accounting for 120 000 people live, most of which in […]

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7 Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations


Planning a wedding is hard, but planning honeymoon is twice as hard. It is so because of the so many opportunities and even more places that you want to visit, but I think none of them is not “The One”. It’s because you are just looking for the perfect honeymoon vacation spot and you fear not to choose the wrong one. The honeymoon should be a romantic getaway to sunny and exotic island, where time has stopped. It is forbidden to think about work and schedules. Just leave the to the reality. Do not be afraid to make choices, just […]

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Stonehenge – the most famous megalithic monument in the world


Stonehenge  is called the eight wonder of the world. The ruins of this unique pre-historical monument are located 130 km South West of London in the Salisbury lowland. With its diameter of 100 meters it is the most famous megalithic monument in the world. Stonehenge was built  5 000 years ago. Nowadays look of the structure is not what it was in the past. Most of the stones are gone now. They are either buried or had fallen. The stones are high from five to nine meters and weight around 25 to 45 tons each. We know that Stonehenge was built […]

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Lapland – the Christmas spirit of Finland

Autumn foliage

Many people think, that Lapland is independent country. Maybe this is because of the Christmas spirit that it brings. Or maybe because Santa Claus lives there. Actually Lapland is area of Finland. Not the most populated, but the biggest, covering almost the all northern polar circle. And the fact that in the winter months the sun hides, doesn’t mean that the life there fades. This is the most fun time to visit – full of tourists and charm with its Christmas spirit. Capital of Lapland is the Rovaniemi area. The city is located just of the polar circle and administrative, […]

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Chocolate Hills in Bohol – incredible creation of Nature


Chocolate hills is a geological formation 1 268 perfectly cone-shaped hills and is located in Bohol, Philippines. They are covered with green flora that turns brown during the dry season and it gives it the look of chocolate covered hills. It is probably the most famous tourist attraction in Bohol, Philippines. There are different legends associated the forming of these hills, however even today there is no scientific answer how they where formed. One of the most commonly accepted explanation is that Chocolate hills are a weather formation of a kind of marine limestone on top of a impermeable layer […]

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Madagascar – paradise garden from another world


Madagascar is located in the Indian Ocean, Southeast of Africa. It is the 4th largest island in the world. Bigger are only Greenland, New Guinea and Kalimanta (Borneo) . The island is part of the ancient African platform. Throughout the eastern parts are stretch the Central Mountains. High above the vast central plateau massifs rise dozens of extinct volcanoes. In the northern part of the plateau is the champion of Madagascar – Volcano cone Tsaratanana (2886 m). East central plateau abruptly descends through steep terraced slopes to a narrow coastal plain. West to the Mozambique Channel slopes are more gentle. […]

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The Medieval Tsarevec Fortress in Veliko Tarnovo


Tsarevec Fortress is located near the center of Veliko Tarnovo. It was the main bulgarian fortress during the second bulgarian kingdom. During the medieval, the hill was built with residential and administrative buildings. It is one of the hundred bulgarian national tourist spots. The legend tells that in the roman time there were defenses that guarded the great Nicopolis. When the barbarians invade, they siege and destroyed the whole city. Then the romans hide in galleries under the fortress and carried away the treasure of Nicopolis. Romans strongholds held some time. When they had to give away they made deadly […]

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Leaning Pisa Tower – Pisa, Italy


Leaning Tower of Pisa is doomed to be famous by laying the foundations for it. Some consider it is a miracle of architectural thought, others – human mistake. But all acknowledge that the Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the most curious tourist attractions in Italy. Intended to be bell tower of the city’s cathedral “Santa Maria Assunta”, the Leaning Tower of Pisa rises in all its glory of white marble in the middle of “Square of Miracles” (Piazza del Duomo) and somehow spoil the coherence of the other buildings with its unnatural profile. However, its nearly 800 years […]

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