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Bergen – Norway’s second biggest city

Tired of the same old beach vacation year after year? With its deep blue fjords, Viking heritage and thriving craft traditions, Bergen offers a scenic introduction to the beautiful country of Norway. Bergen’s history stretches back to 1070 AD, when Olav Kyrre granted municipal status to what was then known as Bjørgvin (or “hill pasture”). The settlement subsequently became a royal residence, and by 1240 it had become the capital of Norway. Until the 1830s, it was Norway’s biggest city. Bryggen, one of Bergen’s most interesting neighbourhoods, grew up as a result of the city’s status as an international trading […]

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Las Vegas Strip is The Heart of Las Vegas

     Las Vegas Strip is the heart of the world’s most renowned city – Las Vegas. Well, just like there is Wall Street in New York and the famous Los Angeles Rodeo Drive, Las Vegas has its own attraction known as the Strip. Every city in the world is known for its specialities or unique features without which remembering that city may just become a little bit difficult. The Strip is the core of Las Vegas and without visiting it, your trip is mere incomplete. Known as the Las Vegas Boulevard South, it is one of the most thrilling places  […]

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