Magical island of Maui


For people who do not like to be deprived of the conveniences of big cities, but also appreciate the solitude of nature, Maui is the perfect place for their vacation.

Called also the “Magic Island” and “Valley Isle”, Maui indulges visitors with its magnificent resorts, numerous opportunities for mountain trips and unique Hawaiian cuisine. The unofficial motto of the island is “Maui no ka oi”, which literally means “Maui is the best”.
Maui is the second largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago. It covers an area of 1883.5 square kilometers, accounting for 120 000 people live, most of which in the main town of Hana. Here the average annual temperature varies between 23.8 and 29.4 degrees Celsius, but at an altitude above 3000 feet (914m.) it falls sharply and the climate becomes drier.
The west coast of Maui is full of world class luxury resorts and offers plenty of entertainment including golf courses. The east coast of the island is isolated and underdeveloped. Tourists go there to enjoy the wildlife, beautiful waterfalls and historic sites.
Haleakala is the highest point of the island (3055 m.) Some of the most impressive views at sunrise can be seen there.
Kaanapali area is another place worth a visit. It is located in the western part of Maui and has a rich history and culture. Here is the Black Rock – a sacred place in the Hawaiian mythology, according to which souls of the dead pass into the spiritual realm through it.
And another place to visit if you loke diving and snorkeling is Molokini. This is a small island in the shape of a crescent, which is partially submerged volcano. It is a favorite spot among divers because of the rich variety of sea creatures that live there. If you do not want to get wet, you can visit the Maui Ocean Center, where you can see thousands of marine animals, including turtles, starfish, stingrays and sharks.
As every year in the period from December to April thousands of humpback whales migrate to breed around Maui and this is one of the biggest attractions for tourists.

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